DNA Learning Center: Stem Cell Outreach

In collaboration with the DNA Learning Center, our lab designed a lecture along with a relevant experiment involving stem cells and hydrogels to help 8th graders from nearby public schools understand more about regenerative medicine and related topics.

Throughout the event, we helped around 50 students expand on their existing knowledge of chemistry through hydrogels and biology through stem cells.

The success of this outreach has led to another future collaboration with the DNA Learning Center to engage around 50 students 6th graders from a Chicago public school in research related to stem cells.

The DNA Learning Center encourages 5-12 students to explore modern biology through hands-on experiences. Through Notre Dame’s strength in molecular biology and interdisciplinary collaboration, the center hopes to inspire students to pursue careers in STEM by helping them build a strong foundation of science and curiosity.





Spring 2019, we hosted 70 kids from K-8th Scholl CICS Wrightwood, Chicago, IL as part of the DNA Learning Center. Alicia Wei and Fei Fan from our lab gave a lecture and a short experiment module on stem cells and hydrogels.